How to Apply

► Complete your online application form and pay the application fee.

► Click here for an application checklist 

► All applications must be submitted electronically.

The application fee is non-refundable.

IMPORTANT NOTE: when completing your online application, please make sure to select 'Undergraduate/Professional' as the Application Type and 'Winter 2024' as the term.

August 15

Application period starts

September 15 (9:00 pm – EST)

Application deadline

September 16 (11:59 pm – EST)

Deadline to submit all required documents (transcripts, CV, Immunization & Vaccination Records, proof of citizenship or residency status, ADAT results, CASPer Test results & proof of English proficiency )

To be confirmed

Target date for invitation to MMI - please note that candidates will have a very short time to accept or decline the invitation

To be confirmed

Interview Date - Virtual Multiple Mini-Interviews using Zoom

* Please note that not all applicants will be invited for an interview



If you are new to McGill, you must create an account using the McGill web-based application system (the "Web-App" system) to build and submit your application to the University.  A step-by-step guide is found here.  If you require assistance, use the Help function found at the top right of each page or contact Enrolment Services at 514-398-7878.

If you already have a Minerva account, log into the Minerva system and use the Applicant menu to create your application.  Ensure that your contact information is up-to-date before completing the application.

Application Confirmation:  A confirmation of your application, including a 9-digit McGill identification (ID) number, will be sent via e-mail after the Web-App system runs its cycle (after 9 p.m.).  This means that applications submitted after 9 p.m. will not be processed until the next cycle.  This McGill ID number will grant you access to the University's Minerva system, required for the subsequent steps of your application.  To learn more about McGill's Minerva system, you can review the information at Minerva for Guests or read the IT knowledge base article.


N.B. ► Although the language of instruction is English at McGill University, applicants may submit an application in French or English.


Preparing your Application

1.     Ensure that you meet all the requirements

2.     Organise all of your supporting documents

3.     Become familiar with the selection process

4.     Plan according to application deadlines


1.     Create or sign on to Minerva

2.     Complete the online application form

3.     Pay the application fee by credit card

4.     Upload supporting documents

After Applying

1.     Making changes or cancelling your application 

2.     Tracking the status of your application

3.     Being invited to an interview

4.     Final decisions

5.     Accepting an offer

6.     The next steps once admitted into the program

Special Note

Candidates interested in applying to both our DMD Advanced Standing for Foreign Trained Dentists Pathway and for entry in the first year of our 4-year DMD program must submit two separate applications.

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