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Ubenwa Health Internship

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Number of Interns: 3

Proposed Start Date: ASAP
Proposed End Date: 2-8 month placement
Number of Work Hours per Week: Part-time to Full time

Contact Name/ Supervisor: Charles Onu
Date Posted: February 4, 2021


How to Apply:

Please send your CV and Cover Letter to internships.scs [at] and CC mcf-transitions [at] Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for an interview.


Ubenwa Health is a speech analytics company leveraging artificial intelligence and mobile computing to address the world's biggest challenges in healthcare: newborn health. We have a vision of creating low-cost, reliable, and accessible solutions that address critical needs of health professionals who attend birth. We have built a reputation of innovation and excellence in healthcare having received recognitions from WHO Africa, UN International Telecoms Union, MIT, and McGill University. We aim to achieve more and are looking for motivated interns to contribute to the mission. We are looking for interns for the following placements:

  1. Business Development
  2. Machine Learning
  3. Web Design & Development



Placement 1 (Business Development)

Develop an impact-focussed business plan for the deployment and distribution of Ubenwa.

Expected Outputs

1. A short internal presentation about Ubenwa

2. A summary document of distribution strategies taken similar social ventures.

3. A summary document of stakeholders and their potential roles.

4. A proposal of a potential revenue model for maximizing social impact.

Internship Tasks

1. Understand what Ubenwa is and its role in the healthcare system.

2. Research distribution strategies of similar social ventures globally

3. Identify key stakeholders for deployment and distribution, including partners and competitors.

4. Carry out research to determine a potential revenue model for Ubenwa that balances social mission and financial sustainability. current website.

Placement 2: Machine Learning

Implement a machine learning project to analyze rich clinical data from clinical studies. Some knowledge or experience in machine learning or audio signal processing will be important.

Internship Tasks

  1. Select a research question to explore using the data.
  2. Read and understand literature related to the machine learning project
  3. Prepare a research/data analysis plan
  4. Implement the data analysis plan


Expected Outputs

  1. A summary of research objectives
  2. A summary document of key papers and techniques from literature
  3. A summary document detailing the data analysis plan
  4. Project report and code detailing the results of the R & D project

Placement 3: Web Design and Development

Website review, re-design, and implementation of support for multiple languages. E.g, French and English (Intern is not responsible for the language translation)

Internship Outputs

1. A flow diagram of the current website
2. A proposal on improvements to make
3. An updated website layout and content in English
4. An updated website with support for multiple languages.

Internship Tasks

1. Understand the content and flow of the current website.
2. Identify areas of both content and layout improvement.
3. Implement the improvements.
4. Implement a mechanism that allows for toggling between languages e.g. from English to French. (Task does not involve a language translation)

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