Two McGill Women Chemists Awarded!


Published: 6Sep2018

Aurélie Lacroix (currently PhD student in Dr Hanadi Sleiman lab) and Dr Maryam Habibian (former student from Dr Masad Damha lab and currently postdoc fellow at Stanford in Dr Eric Kool laboratory) were both awarded the Chu Family Foundation Scholarships for Early Career Women in Science.The award by The International Society of Nucleosides, Nucleotides & Nucleic Acids (IS3NA) is given to 3 women bi-annually in the field of nucleoside/tide and/or nucleic acid research and provide funds to attend a specialized training that will help their career. The winners also presented short talks at the International Roundtable (IRT) meeting in San Diego.

Aurélie will use the award to start a micro-program in science communication at the Université Laval in September, in parallel to her PhD program.

Photo credit to IS3NA. Aurélie is third and Maryam fifth from the left to right.


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