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Researchs make a new kind of plastic from crustacean and insect shells


Published: 20Dec2018

Thomas Di Nardo (MSc) and Audrey Moores discovered a new method, based on mechanochemistry and aging, allowing to turn chitin into a new, long molecular weight chitosan. This new material has interesting mechanical properties and is envisaged for applications to biomedical, food packaging and high value fibers. This discovery was covered in a number of news outlets:

Research highlight in the Portland Herald Press “Researchers find new way to convert lobster shells into plastic, and it’s not too hard”, Dec. 8 2018.

Interview “Faire du plastique avec des carapaces de crustacés” at Au Coeur du Monde, Maude Rivard, Gaspé, Quebec, ICI Radio Canada, Nov. 28 2018 (at 17:18) - French

Research highlight in, "McGill researchers use lobster shells to make biodegradeable plastic", Nov. 27 2018

Interview “Fabriquer des sacs de plastique biodégradables en poudre de crustacés” at L’Heure de l’Est, Richard Daigle, Rimousky, Quebec, ICI Radio Canada, Nov. 26 2018 (at 17:36) - French

Interview at Salut Bonjour, Gino Chouinard, TVA, Épisode du 26 novembre 2018, Nov. 26 2018 (from hour 1:45) - French

Research highlight in Le Devoir, "Des crustacés pour faire du plastique", Nov. 26 2018 - French


Photo: Thomas Di Nardo, now RA at McGill University, shows chitinous shells. The process could turn waste lobster shells into biodegradable plastic. Photo by Jessica Goodsell for McGill University

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