Congratulations to the ChemPhoto Exhibition!


Published: 31Mar2018

The first edition of the ChemPhoto: McGill Department of Chemistry Photo Exhibition took place in February and March 2018. The winners were selected by popular vote  (total votes: 266) and are:

  • 1st place: Le Jaune et le Bleu by Chenghao Liu, Ehsan Hamzehpoor
  • 2nd place: Painter Palette by Mahdi Roohnikan
  • 3rd place: Holy smokes Batman, is this Kryptonite!? by Igor Huskić

The award ceremony took place during the bagel hour on March 29th.

McGill Chemistry Outreach is grateful for all the people who contributed submissions and all the people who attended the exhibition. The ChemPhoto is currently on display in the lobby of Otto Maass Building, welcome to have a look and appreciate the beauty of chemistry! We can’t wait to see your submission in the next year!

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