Resources for graduate students

Welcome and Orientation

Please visit the Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies website for important links and orientation information.

phillip.servio [at] (Professor Servio), the Director of Graduate Studies should be consulted for advice on all academic aspects of the graduate program. His office is located on the fourth floor.


Graduate program handbook

For the latest graduate program information and course offerings please download the graduate program handbook. You must read and understand this important document. 


Letter of Understanding and Study Plan

PhD students in Chemical Engineering are required to submit a Letter of Understanding (LOU) and Study Plan at the beginning of their program.

A LOU milestone form is a tool for clarifying mutual expectations between a supervisor and supervisee and ensuring the success of the graduate student.

The Study Plan outlines how the student proposes to complete their program. This can be in any form and must be signed by both the student and supervisor(s).


Progress Tracking forms

The Graduate Student Research Progress Tracking Report must be completed annually by students, their supervisors, and supervisory committee member(s).

All Progress Tracking Documents must be uploaded in myProgress.


Doctoral Oral Examinations

Information on Doctoral Oral Examinations.


Rights and responsibilities

Students rights and responsibilities as members of the McGill community are outlined on the Student Rights and Responsibilities webpage. It is your obligation to read and understand this important document.


Laboratory safety

Please visit the department's safety page for information regarding safety procedures and who to contact in case of an emergency.


Sustainable Lab Guide

Please consult the McGill Sustainable Labs Guide for tips and resources to help you implement more sustainable practices in your lab’s operations.


Library resources and instruction

Graduate students are encouraged to contact nuree.lee [at] (Nu Ree Lee), Liason Librarian, to learn how to make full use of McGill's impressive library resources. This is especially important for new students getting underway with thesis proposals.



Student’s must enter their payroll information into their Minerva account. This information must be kept up to date.


Mailbox and Office key

Please see the Administrative Coordinator on floor 3A for issues related to mailboxes and office keys.


International students

Please visit McGill's International Student Services website for helpful information.

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