Financial Support

Studying at the graduate level is a full-time commitment. We require every student pursuing research-based degrees (Masters - thesis option and PhD) to be funded. Students are expected to apply for scholarships and fellowships for which they are eligible, and to maintain dialogue with their research supervisor about funding requirements and funding sources. Information on important funding opportunities from outside the Department of Chemical Engineering can be found here and on the right side.

To attract the best and most promising students to our program, and thus build on our international reputation, the Department provides a variety of internal awards. These are awards are possible because Eugenie Ulmer-Lamothe made a bequest to McGill in 1986 in memory of her brother, George G. Ulmer who graduated from the Department of Chemical Engineering in 1917. This donation has since supported graduate and undergraduate students of the highest caliber, contributing to the quality of research in our Department. We are very grateful for that generous donation as will be the generations to come.

Departmental Entrance Awards for students holding NSERC and FQRNT awards (Masters, PhD and PDF)

Upon acceptance into the Department, a EUL bonus is automatically awarded to Masters students holding NSERC, CIHR and FQRNT awards and PhD students holding CIHR awards. PhD students holding NSERC and FQRNT awards automatically receive a supplementary amount from the MEDA program. Post-Doctoral fellows holding NSERC, CIHR and FQRNT awards automatically receive a EUL bonus of $7,000/year. Total annual funding for Masters and PhD students holding NSERC, CIHR and FQRNT awards are summarized in the table below. No formal application required.

Financial support CIHR, NSERC, FQRNT, MEDA & EUL

Type of Award Total of supplemented award
(award & bonus)
CIHR Masters 24,500/year
CIHR PhD 42,000/year
FQRNT Masters 22,000/year
FQRNT PhD 32,000/year
NSERC Masters 24,000/year
NSERC PhD CGS 42,000/year
NSERC PhD PGS 33,000/year

Post-doctoral fellows: bonus of $7,000/year

Departmental Entrance Awards for Canadian Citizens


  • Entering the PhD program or Masters, thesis option, with a Professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering
  • Citizen or permanent resident of Canada
  • Bachelor’s and Master’s (if applicable) degree in chemical engineering from a Canadian University
  • Cumulative grade point average greater than 3.5/4.0 in both Bachelor’s and Master’s (if applicable) degrees
  • Recipients are required to apply for funding from NSERC and FQRNT (if eligible)

Award details:

  • Annual value is $16,500 and students may also apply for up to two Teaching Assistantships to supplement their award
  • Tenure is for 20 months (Masters) or 36 months (PhD)
  • The award is automatic upon acceptance into the Department

Graduate Student Stipend

Students without scholarships or fellowships must secure funding from their potential supervisor.

Teaching Assistantship

Students may apply (online) to assist a professor in a course. If accepted, students receive a supplement in exchange for work during a semester. This work must be done in addition to (and not in lieu of) the student’s existing research work load.