Biomanufacturing and Biotechnology Engineering

CatalystBiomanufacturing applies process engineering, design, and scale-up principles to generate useful products using living systems or components thereof.

Biotechnology are the tools and methods applied or resulting from this process. Biotechnology products are found everywhere around you – be it as food ingredients, biofuels, biosurfactants used in many industries, bio-sourced materials (smart clothing materials, biopolymers, biomaterials) or biopharmaceuticals.

In the health sector, biomanufacturing is used to produce life-saving medications such as insulin, vaccines, recombinant proteins and even engineered cells to treat disease such as diabetes, cancer, or to address health emergencies such as pandemics.

Our department collaborates with industry and several research networks to bring these cutting-edge biotechnology products to market.


Biomanufacturing and biotechnology related research:

  • Cellular therapy and bioprocess engineering for regenerative medicine
  • Materials for biomedical applications (e.g., antimicrobial materials)
  • Structured hydrogels and soft nanocomposites for membranes and scaffolds in biomedical and energy-related applications.
  • Microbial engineering, synthetic biology, fermentation, and production of engineered proteins


McGill Chemical Engineering researchers working in this field:

Noémie Dorval CourchesneBiologically-Derived Materials & Devices Laboratory

Regan J. HillReghan J. Hill's Research Group

Corinne Hoesli - Stem Cell Bioprocessing Laboratory (SCBL)

Richard Leask - Leask Laboratory

Christopher Moraes - Cellular Microenvironment Design Lab (CMED)

Nathalie Tufenkji - Biocolloids and Surfaces Laboratory


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