Advanced Materials and Polymers

Chain link fence design

The department has an internationally recognized research program in structural, functional, and biological materials, spanning synthesis, characterization, processing, modeling activities, with strong links to academic, government, and industrial research centers.

Applications of the research are targeted towards the development of next-generation high-density storage media, functional surfaces and coatings, electronic devices, composite fluids, and “smart” materials, to name but a few.


Advanced materials and polymers related research:

  • Plasma Processing for Advanced Materials
  • Laser micromachining and Surface Engineering
  • Smart and Sustainable Polymer Materials and Processing
  • Manipulating Material Corrosion, Thermal and Electrical Properties
  • Materials and the Environment
  • Biomaterials, biocomposites and Biosensors
  • Materials for Energy Storage and Conversion





McGill Chemical Engineering researchers working in this field:

Noémie Dorval CourchesneBiologically-Derived Materials & Devices Laboratory

Regan J. HillReghan J. Hill's Research Group

Anne KietzigBiomimetic Surface Engineering

Richard Leask - Leask Laboratory

Milan Maric - Maric Labs

Christopher MoraesCellular Microenvironment Design Lab (CMED)

Sasha OmanovicElectrochemistry / Corrosion Laboratory

Nathalie TufenkjiBiocolloids and Surfaces Laboratory

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