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Richard L. Leask

The McGill Department of Chemical Engineering is internationally recognized for academic and research excellence. Our core mission is to shape exceptional well-rounded engineers, united in our commitment to push the boundaries of engineering, science and innovation. We strive to confront the monumental challenges facing society, spanning from sustainability to our impact on the environment and human health.

At the heart of our department are 17 esteemed Professors supported by an outstanding team of technical and administrative staff. Together we are actively shaping the next generation of engineers from diverse corners of the globe. These distinguished professors lead pioneering, internationally recognized research initiatives across an array of disciplines, including advanced materials and polymers, biomedical engineering, biomanufacturing and biotechnology, environmental engineering, energy, and plasma sciences and engineering. Their dedication extends seamlessly from the classroom to collaborative ventures with industrial partners and stakeholders.

We offer an accredited undergraduate degree, research-centric Master's and PhD programs, and professional degrees designed to prepare engineers and scientists to tackle the pressing challenges of today. We ardently champion the infusion of innovation into teaching and pedagogy, with a relentless focus on improving the student experience and elevating the quality of training at every level. Within our dynamic department, professors and staff members are not just educators; they are mentors, passionately dedicated to fostering a sense of community, providing exemplary service, and championing research excellence.

Together, we nurture leadership, inspire creativity, and drive innovation, all while celebrating the richness of diversity that defines us.



Richard L. Leask
Professor and Chair


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