About Us

Message from the Chair

The central mission of the department is to provide an outstanding formation in Chemical Engineering to both undergraduate and graduate students who will ultimately become Professional Engineers and researchers at leading companies and institutions around the world. Our CEAB accredited undergraduate program, rejuvenated in 2012, offers core training streams in Energy, Materials and Biochemistry/Biotechnology. Our graduate program, completely redefined and strengthened in 2004, features a formal training in core Chemical Engineering fundamentals which is at par with top research-intensive institutions. Our professors conduct leading-edge research activities in Advanced Materials, Energy and Environmental Engineering, Biomedical Engineering and Biotechnology as well as Plasma Engineering. The professors and staff members of the department are dynamic individuals who are committed to deliver high-quality academic programs while nurturing an environment where students develop other skills and raise their awareness of the profession and of its impacts in the community and environment.

I wish you a pleasant and fulfilling time with us!

Prof. Sylvain Coulombe, ing., Ph.D.
Professor and Chair