This page contains information regarding safety procedures and contact people in case of an emergency. For information concerning McGill emergency health and safety click here. Important emergency contact numbers and links are located on the right.

Chemical Engineering Safety Committee

milan.maric [at] (Dr. Milan Maric) 
Safety Committee Chair (Chemistry) 

frank.caporuscio [at] (Mr. Frank Caporuscio)
Safety Committee Coordinator (Waste disposal)

richard.leask [at] (Dr. Richard Leask)
Professor Representative (Biomaterials, biology and mechanical components)

jan.kopyscinski [at] (Dr. Jan Kopyscinski)
Professor Representative (Process, gases and catalysts)

pierre-luc.girard-lauriault [at] (Dr. Pierre-Luc Girard-Lauriault)
Professor Representative (Plasma)

noemie.dorvalcourchesne [at] (Dr. Noemie-Manuelle Dorval Courchesne)

Professor Representative (Biomaterial, bioengineering)

matt.halloran [at] (Matthew Halloran)
Student Representative

Safety Presentation

Safety orientation [.pdf]

Safety Questionnaire

Safety Questionnaire [.pdf]

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