Test tubes with warning labelsThis page contains information regarding safety procedures and contact people in case of an emergency. For more information about McGill's emergency health and safety procedures, please visit McGill's Environmental Health and Safety website.

In case of emergency, please contact 911 and campus security at ext. 3000 or (514) 398-3000.

Name Role

milan.maric [at] (Dr. Milan Maric)

Safety Committee Chair (Chemistry)

andrew.golsztajn [at] (Mr. Andrew Golsztajn)

Safety Committee Coordinator (waste disposal)

richard.leask [at] (Dr. Richard Leask)

Professor Representative (Biomaterials, biology and mechanical components)

jan.kopyscinski [at] (Dr. Jan Kopyscinski)

Professor Representative (Process, gases and catalysts)

noemie.dorvalcourchesne [at] (Dr. Noemie-Manuelle Dorval Courchesne)

Currently on-leave
Professor Representative (Biomaterial, bioengineering)

christina-marie.boghdady [at] (Christina-Marie Boghdady)

Student Representative
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