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When Grocery Stores Meet the Supercentre

When Walmart turns one of its discount stores into a behemoth Supercentre, nearby grocers instantly face a more powerful rival. Their reactions can vary, from cutting prices, to diversifying selection, to doing nothing at all. Which works best? New research by marketing professors Minha Hwang, of McGill University, and Sungho Park, of Arizona State University, reveals what grocers should and shouldn’t do when Walmart comes their way.

Published on : 15 Sep 2013

Is Your Company Offensive Or Defensive In Strategy? Competition Lessons From Tiger Woods To Win Majors In Golf And Business

It is one of the most surprising statistics in sports: Tiger Woods has never won a major when he has not led the tournament going into the final round. Tiger has won 14 majors (second most in golf history to Jack Nicklaus) but none of them have come when he has had to chase down the leader on Sunday. On the flip side of this statistic, he is 14-1 in closing out majors when he leads going into Sunday (his only loss was in the 2009 PGA Championship). -Article by Karl Moore

Published on : 15 Sep 2013

Will Your Full-Time MBA Pay for Itself?

Many university graduates, who have recently entered the workforce, as well as professionals with years of experience, are trying to decide whether to pursue a full-time MBA. ... The cost of tuition for domestic students pursuing a full-time MBA varies greatly from province to province, with Ontario being the most expensive. Below is a sample of the tuition fees charged at some of Canada's top-rated business schools, according to the Financial Times global ranking : ... McGill University's Desautels Faculty of Management Global rank: 76 Total tuition cost: $72,500

Published on : 15 Sep 2013

When an MBA is not just an MBA

When Abram Chan started thinking about what he wanted to do after finishing his psychology undergraduate degree two years ago, an MBA came to mind.

Published on : 15 Sep 2013

A Quebec Retailer with Flour Power

Josée Fiset, co-founder and vice-president of Première Moisson, says she’s selling “wow!” But her Quebec bakery chain is peddling more than bread and exclamation points. It’s selling the art of better eating. “Everyone [when they enter] feels at home,” Fiset says. What a good bookstore is to bibliophiles, Première Moisson is to foodies. ... Première Moisson entered the market at the perfect time, notes Minha Hwang, a McGill University professor who specializes in retailing.

Published on : 15 Sep 2013

Opinion: Bypass the Career Ladder

The term “future leader” is frequently used to describe those with the potential to lead, but not quite yet. New grads entering the workforce, or individuals with one or two years of experience under their belts, seem destined to spend the next 10 years of their lives developing basic skills and climbing — slowly, inexorably — the rungs of their chosen career ladder. So what if you don’t want to spend years of your life preparing to be a leader? Simple: You don’t have to.

Published on : 13 Sep 2013

Talking Mangement with Karl Moore: Management Practices: Just Because Everyone Else Is Doing It Doesn’t Make It Right

Professor Karl Moore of the Desautels Faculty of Management at McGill University speaks to Freek Vermeulen, a professor at the London Business School. Read full transcript: The Globe and Mail, September 3, 2013

Published on : 13 Sep 2013

What Does a 'Two-State Solution' Mean?

In light of what is going on the Middle East, and the efforts of US Secretary of State John Kerry to restart negotiations to reach a ''two-state'' solution to the Israel-Palestinian conflict, it is worth briefly summarizing solutions I write about 30 years ago. The efforts of the United States and Europe to bring about a "two-state" solution in the Middle East are incomprehensible. -Article by Reuven Brenner Read full article: Asia Times, September 5, 2013

Published on : 13 Sep 2013

Central Banks and Illusions of Independence

While much attention is now paid to personalities of incoming central bankers, far less attention is paid to debating central banks' mandates in light of the unusual fiscal and financial intermediary roles they have been fulfilling since 2008. The crisis revealed institutional voids that the central banks filled quickly. Such ventures by central banks have been tolerated in the past too: there is nothing new about quantitative easing (QE). The Fed practiced it during the 1940-51 under the Treasury's explicit command, though the technique had no name then.

Published on : 13 Sep 2013

Making Innovation Simply Part of Your Firm - Embedding Innovation Into The DNA Of Your Workplace

According to every company I talk to, innovation is one of the keys to success moving forward. Without exception…. let me know if you can think of an exception. In most great businesses today, the executives need their people to bring outstanding, new ideas to life. However, the key question remains: how? A countless number of researchers and executives have developed their own methods of establishing innovation in the workplace; but is it about having idea-jams and giving lectures to your employees every few months, or rather integrating it as part of daily work flow?

Published on : 12 Sep 2013

Building Bridges Across the Pacific

A C$6.6 million gift from the Li Ka Shing (Canada) Foundation creates new student and faculty exchangesbetween McGill and Shantou University in China Last year, more than 800 Chinese students crossed the Pacific to attend McGill, making China the third largest source of international students for the University, behind only the United States and France.  And that number is growing every year; in fact, it has more than doubled since 2007.

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Published on : 12 Sep 2013

The Latest, Quick Motor Evaluation

Myway Plus Corporation (Yokohama-shi, President Osamu Hoshino, MBA Japan'12), an expert in eco-car performance evaluation, has developed a quick test/evaluation equipment for highly efficient hybrid car (HV) motor. The equipment is targeted at Switch Reluctance (SR) motor testing and evaluation, which gives a reduction of 80% testing time. Many leading Japanese automobile companies have decided on this equipment.

Published on : 23 Aug 2013

As English Football Season Starts, Burma’s Gamblers Play the Odds

On a TV above the blue neon-lit bar in Rangoon’s Tamwe Township, the hapless-looking Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger grimaced, sputtering an indiscernible obscenity, his hands resting forlornly on his hips.

Published on : 23 Aug 2013

Top 50 Twitter Profs Include These Canadian B-School Teachers

The top 50 professors on Twitter – so ranked this month by online think tank LDRLB for their 140-character commentaries on research on leadership, innovation and strategy – include six from Canadian business schools.

Published on : 16 Aug 2013

Hult Prize Accelerator Preps Competitors for $1m

The problem: finding a high-quality source of protein for hundreds of millions of people that can be raised quickly, without consuming a lot of land, water, and other resources.... Gabe Mott, an MBA student at McGill University in Montreal, said he and his teammates, the winners of the Boston regional competition, hadn’t expected to get into social entrepreneurship, but the Hult Prize opened opportunities.

Published on : 15 Aug 2013