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The IGSF is very proud of our graduating students in the Class of 2021.

Since there will be no traditional commencement ceremony this year, we wish to honour the tremendous contributions our graduating students have made to Institute for Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies at McGill in other ways. We hope that wherever you are headed after McGill, gender, sexuality, feminist and social justice studies will continue to support and inform the life and work from here.

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Published on: 12 May 2021

The technologies behind open access scholarship, self-publishing website design, and other communicative technologies that humanities and social science scholars use as alternatives to traditional academic publishing in order to communicate with the public raise numerous social justice concerns.

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Published on: 19 Nov 2020

The following is an excerpt from the report written by Dr. Alex Ketchum. The full report can be found here and a PDF copy of the report is available at

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Published on: 23 Jul 2020

Myriam Gervais, professeure adjointe à IGSF, est co-auteure de l’ouvrage Guide pour faire de la recherche féministe participative. Ce document se veut un outil de formation pratique et accessible qui s’adresse à celles et ceux désirant se familiariser avec cette façon de faire de la recherche, laquelle fait une place prépondérante au savoir expérientiel des filles et des femmes grâce, entre autres, à l’utilisation de méthodes visuelles participatives.

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Published on: 14 Jul 2020

How to Organize Inclusive Events: A Handbook for Feminist, Accessible, and Sustainable Gatherings is a new book by Dr. Alexandra Ketchum. The goal of this handbook is to provide event organizers of all levels with the tools to make their events accessible, sustainable, and exemplify social justice principles. Whether you are new to organizing or highly experienced, this handbook will provide frameworks and practical tips to create inclusive events. There is a special section on online/virtual/cyber events.

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Published on: 30 Jun 2020

The IGSF is proud to recognize the following GSFS students who were the recipients of graduating student awards in the 2019-2020 academic year.

Honourable Sheila Finestone Award in Women's Studies (IGSF) to an outstanding undergraduate student studying in the field of GSFS who are involved in community activities and who work for the recognition of women’s rights as human rights.

  • Yasmina Male, Major Concentration in GSFS

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Published on: 18 Jun 2020
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