Feminist and Accessible Publishing, Communication, + Technologies: A Speaker and Workshop Series [Season 2: March 2020-April 2021]


Published: 19Nov2020

The technologies behind open access scholarship, self-publishing website design, and other communicative technologies that humanities and social science scholars use as alternatives to traditional academic publishing in order to communicate with the public raise numerous social justice concerns. From January 2019 until February 2020, the Feminist and Accessible Publishing and Communications Technologies series drew attention to the need for humanities and social science scholars to engage with computer scientists and engineers if we sought to truly expand accessibility and create ways of communicating our scholarship in a social just manner. Organized by Dr. Alex Ketchum, the series brought together scholars, creators, and people in industry working at the intersections of digital humanities, computer science, feminist studies, disability studies, communication studies, LGBTQ studies, history, and critical race theory. 

Season 2 will build on the themes of the earlier series but will also ask questions about sustainability, maintenance, right to repair and the power of speculative futures.

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