Harry Pelissero is the general manager of Egg Farmers of Ontario, which has been working with Michael Ngadi, a professor of bioresource engineering at McGill University, to develop a machine that selects female eggs before they're hatched.

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Published on: 23 Jun 2016


There was good news all around for the Quebec agri-food sector in the recent provincial budget.

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Published on: 23 Mar 2016

Before that beautiful salmon filet lands on your plate, a lot of less appetizing stuff gets stripped away: By one estimate, the global seafood industry produces 64 million metric tons of waste each year. A new study suggests a potentially sweeter fate for all those heads and guts: They can be turned into a coal-like substance called hydrochar, which could be used as fuel or added to soil to improve fertility and sequester carbon (Energy Fuels 2015, DOI: 10.1021/acs.energyfuels.5b01671).

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Published on: 16 Dec 2015

Chaque année, des millions de poussins mâles, jugés sans valeur par l'industrie des poules pondeuses, sont euthanasiés dès leur sortie de l'oeuf. Une pratique que l'Allemagne veut cesser d'ici 2017, et à laquelle une mystérieuse invention de l'Université McGill pourrait mettre fin....Au Québec, l'Université McGill planche aussi secrètement sur une technologie semblable.

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Published on: 11 Dec 2015


Bioresource Engineering professor Mark Lefsrud and PhD candidate Débora Parrine were featured on CBC's The National on Tuesday, September 22.

Mark spoke about his work with Urban Barns, and how the new growth systems that he is developing are changing the face of agriculture.

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Published on: 23 Sep 2015

Congratulations to John-Michael Davis for being awarded the John R Goldsmith foundation student prize!

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Published on: 14 Jan 2014
NatGeo Post by an IWRM alumni - 'Severe Erosion Reveals Earth's Treasures' 

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Published on: 14 Jan 2014


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