Cannafish at Coopérathon 2019

Published: 21 November 2019

Congratulations to Ph.D. candidate David Leroux (BRE-Lefsrud) and fellow Cannafish team members, who were awarded the Agricultural Scholarship from Sollio Agriculture at Coopérathon 2019 held at Montreal’s Olympia Theatre. Coopérathon “is the world’s largest open innovation challenge that connects citizens, communities, entrepreneurs, researchers, academics and large institutions to develop, together, a socially responsible future.”

Cannafish, a 2019 Dobson Cup winner and one of four Finalists in Coopérathon Agriculture Track, acts an intermediary between the fish farming and hydroponics industries. The project valorizes fish sludge as fertilizer for soilless crops, allowing manure to be included in the hydroponic crop fertilization plan.

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