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Data Science Solutions Hub

The Data Science Solutions Hub (DaS2H) at CDSI offers advice on applied statistics, computing methodologies and data analytics for ongoing research, study design, preparation of grant proposals, etc. for the McGill research community.

University faculty, research staff, graduate students, and undergraduates engaged in faculty-led research, including McGill-affiliated research centres and hospitals.


    Our support of your data science needs begins with an initial consultation.  For support solutions that require more than this, as is frequently the case, we aim to scope most projects to require no more than 10-20 hours of our team's work.  For projects of larger or indefinite scope, and by mutual agreement, we may be able to engage as collaborators, which may involve fees (unlike our limited-scope service).

    Please be advised that in general we are unlikely to be able to provide last minute advice.

    We do not offer:
    > Data entry or editing
    > Help with homework, class assignments, or class presentations
    > Tutoring or teaching


    To request DaS2H support, please fill out our request form:

    For more general questions about DaS2H, please email us at dassh.science [at] mcgill.ca.

    Please Note: DaS2H is new with the 2022-2023 academic year and will necessarily operate with more limited capacity during this start-up period. We thank you in advance for your patience!

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