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About the Data Science Solutions Hub

The CDSI Data Science Solutions Hub (DaS2H) was launched in Fall of 2022 to meet the needs of the McGill research community for support in data science computational tools, methodologies, and platforms. It currently integrates and accentuates relevant functionalities of two previous units, the McGill Statistical Consulting Service (which began operating in 2000) and the Geographic Information Center (which began operating in the 1990's).

  1. Enhance the quality of research at McGill by providing expert advice on advanced statistics, computing methodologies, and other data analytics challenges relating to their applied research.
  2. Provide experiential learning opportunities and skills training in consulting for current undergraduate and graduate students.



José Correa    José Correa

    jose.a.correa [at] mcgill.ca



    Tim ElrickTim Elrick

    tim.elrick [at] mcgill.ca


person icon   Yixuan Li




Hao Xu headshot   Hao Xu







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