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About the CDSI

The main aim of the CDSI is to foster computational and data-intensive research. We promote transdisciplinary collaborations by organizing scientific activities (visiting scholars, seminar series, etc.) and providing seed grants. These activities build a sense of community and catalyze collaborative thinking.

The CDSI provides on-demand support to researchers and graduate students through a Consulting Core Facility. We offer advice on applied statistics, computing methodologies, and data analytics for the preparation of grant proposals, for ongoing research, or for graduate student's thesis research.

The CDSI also offers short workshops on topics related to advanced statistical methods, programming languages, artificial intelligence, and general data science.

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      > Bring together a pool of experts
      > Promote transdisciplinary collaborations

      > On-demand support to researchers
      > Skills training in consulting for students

     > Workshops and short courses
     > Coordination of graduate training

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Computational and Data Systems Initiative
Faculty of Science
Dawson Hall
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