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Eric Kolaczyk headshotWelcome to the Computational and Data Systems Initiative (CDSI), hosted within McGill’s Faculty of Science! These days it’s difficult to think of many aspects of our lives that are not at least touched by -- if not fundamentally impacted by -- computing and data. CDSI fosters multidisciplinary, computing-enabled and data-driven efforts aimed at unraveling some of today’s most vexing mysteries and addressing many of life’s most pressing challenges. Through training, data science, and various mechanisms facilitating convergent research, the CDSI mission is to help McGill faculty and students leverage a rich spectrum of strengths at the intersection of computing, data, and systems, in cooperation with various partners in academia, industry, and government. And, in particular, to do so in a way that leaves both the researchers involved and the communities impacted by their work – from local to global – decidedly better off for the effort.

Interested in getting involved? Reach out to us! Sign up for our mailing list, follow us on Twitter, or even just eric.kolaczyk [at] (send me an email). Make sure you’re aware of the training we have planned, come to the Data Science Solutions Hub (DaS2H) for support with your research, or join in a research convergence exercise. And if you see an opportunity that you think CDSI can help the McGill community leverage that’s not on our radar, please let us know!


Eric D. Kolaczyk
Director, Computational & Data Systems Initiative (CDSI)
Professor, Department of Mathematics & Statistics
McGill University

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