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Data science has become essential in most areas of academia and industry. At McGill, researchers across disciplines are developing more powerful data analysis and modeling tools to process increasing volumes and heterogeneous types of data. Researchers are also applying data science methodologies to solve current problems in domains ranging from the basic sciences to health care, education, economics, public policy, social media, cultural analysis, and beyond.     

Drawing from a wide variety of disciplines, McGill is training the next generation of highly qualified professionals in data science.



About data science

Data science is a set of multidisciplinary skills that combines three components: computer science, statistics and domain-specific expertise. It has become essential to many areas of research and industry.


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Programs and Courses

McGill offers many academic programs and courses that will equip you with data science skills and knowledge for your career.

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Meet researchers developing and using data-intensive tools and methodologies

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Learn about data-intensive research projects being carried out across McGill

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