Mentorship programs

MentorshipL’information relative au programme de mentorat de la Faculté, y compris comment s'y inscrire, est diffusée chaque été dans le bulletin du CDP.

The Faculty of Law’s Alumni Mentorship Program is part of the "Réseau d'expertise en droit | Law Inspiration NetworK", or REDLINK, a joint project of the CDO and Student Affairs Office.

The program matches students with alumni working in a wide range of practice areas and settings, as well as with graduates using their degrees outside practice. The program aims to help students acquire information about professional options and make well-informed academic and career choices. Students can benefit tremendously from contact with McGill Law alumni who have pursued diverse and interesting careers in various fields all over the world.

Matches are based on the students’ practice area and geographic interests. Matching is done in the summer, and students graduating 1.5 or 2 years later are given priority.

The matching process takes into account information students choose to provide, such as academic background, professional and personal interests as well as diversity criteria. We hope this program provides students with an additional source of support and inspiration during their time at McGill Law.

Buts et avantages du programme

Votre participation vous fera bénéficier :

  • D’une opportunité d’en apprendre plus sur différents champs d’expertise juridique et différents milieux professionnels;
  • D’une chance de profiter du savoir-faire, de l’expérience et des connaissances d’un diplômé capable de s’identifier à vos expériences et à vos défis;
  • D’un moyen agréable et décontracté de développer des aptitudes qui dépassent le cadre de votre formation universitaire.

Your mentor may:

  • Share advice on achieving work/life balance
  • Provide tips on academic success
  • Share their personal insights on the job market and career building

Your mentor will NOT:

  • Give you a job
  • Intervene on your behalf in a recruitment process
  • Replace CDO and SAO services

Time Commitment

Out of respect for our alumni mentors, students are required to communicate with their mentor at least once per semester. This can be done via email, phone, video chat or in person, depending on the availabilities of both the mentor and student.

The program coordinator will let you know who your mentor is in September. Nous préciserons à cette occasion certaines règles de conduite et autres liens utiles. Le nom de l’étudiant.e sera ensuite communiqué au mentor, de même que le profil du mentor à l’étudiant.e, avec ses coordonnées.

"I had the opportunity to meet my mentor while he was visiting Montreal for business from Berlin, Germany. Getting the opportunity to discuss his experience working in an international legal arena and how his degree at McGill shaped it was of immeasurable value and I have only the mentorship program to thank for setting it up."

Graham MacVannel, paired with Me Sven Deimann, Head of Legal, Codes & Standards, Authorisation, Management, Bombardier Transportation in Berlin 

"It was honestly such a great initiative. My mentor is so amazing, she was so helpful and always quick to respond. I feel like I made a new friend."Anna Baghramyan, paired with Delia Cristea, Legal Counsel, Power Corporation of Canada

Other programs

The CDO is also involved in McGill’s CaPS Mentor Program, which enables students to establish contacts with a variety of professionals who provide advice and guidance regarding careers.

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