Mock interviews

HandshakeMock interviews are an important part of your interview preparations. Practising interview skills before meeting with a specific employer will give you confidence and help you prepare to convince employers you are an excellent and well-qualified candidate.

Attend the workshop first

Begin your interview preparation by attending a CDO workshop on interview skills and carefully reviewing the Interview Guide (Resources > Interviews). Think about the types of questions that may be asked, how your CV and other application materials demonstrate your qualifications, and what you hope to learn about the employer during the interview. You can then arrange to do a mock interview with one of the CDO staff members during a counselling appointment.

La Course aux stages

Pour la Course aux stages, les entrevues simulées sont assurées par des avocats et avocates membres de Barreau du Québec lors d'une journée intensive (vers la mi-février). Ces avocats et avocates sont souvent des recruteurs pour des cabinets et entreprises montréalaises. 

Peer mock interview program

A program of mock interviews with trained student volunteers helps students prepare for specific recruitment processes and for interviews in general.

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