The 2022-23 CAnD3 Annual Report is here!


Fellows Feature: Carlos A. Ramirez Hernandez & Bertram Melix

Feature image: Carlos A. Ramirez Hernandez (left) and Bertram Melix (right)
Published: 5 May 2024

There is much to look forward to heading into the second half of the 2023-24 CAnD3 training year. Our Fellows will start 2024 with a discussion of recent advances in digital demography and explore topics like adaptive policymaking, loneliness trajectories of older adults, and social media analysis in the next six months. They will also be producing their portfolios, Dragons' Den data visualizations, and policy briefs. 

We caught up with two of our Fellows, Carlos and Bertram, to ask about their experiences with the CAnD3 program thus far. Read on to learn about their research and what they hope to achieve during the remainder of the program and beyond.

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