Invitation to new partners to join the CAnD3 consortium

CAnD3 seeks interested organizations in public, not-for-profit and private sectors to join its ranks of national and international partners. To be eligible to join the consortium, partners must share our interests in equipping the next generation of population researchers across all disciplines and sectors with the knowledge, skills, and networks to support data-driven decision-making in aging societies. Eligible partners would also share our enthusiasm for the CAnD3’s training program. In addition, partners eligible to join CAnD3 would be keen to engage with fellow consortium partners, team members and trainees and collaborate on achieving the CAnD3’s objectives.

The benefits of CAnD3 for consortium partners include:

  • Staff training on 1) substantive topics across four axes of population aging and 2) skills topics including population data science, data visualization and evidence-based decision-making;
  • Exchange and engagement with other public, not-for-profit, and private sector organizations exploring similar challenges related to population data analytics in aging societies;
  • Access to a pool of high quality, carefully vetted doctoral students for paid internships at partner organizations.


Why should you join as a partner?

CAnD3 from our director, Amélie Quesnel-Vallée


CAnD3 from three other perspectives

"CAnD3  was a natural fit as it presented such an opportunity to build connections with key participants in Canada’s social data landscape... If you are looking for a multi-disciplinary forum of innovative thinkers working on data-driven solutions, you’ve found it."

Karen Mihorean

Director General, Statistics Canada


Circular head shot of Karen Mihorean, CAnD3 team member from Statistics Canada




Circular head shot of Emily Saras, a CAnD3 team member from Knowli

“CAnD3 is a program helping to counter a pervasive myth that plagues the government and private sectors: that talented quantitative scholars with subject matter expertise and the professional skills needed to navigate applied work are ‘hard or impossible to find."

Emily Daina Šaras

CEO and Data Scientist, Knowli Data Science, Corp

“CAnD3 is a great opportunity for Fellows to see there are options outside of academia and that a PhD can be a way to have job opportunities that are interesting where you can still do research without being an academic. The interdisciplinarity is also a strength of the program. Among economists there is sometimes this perception that we are the only ones doing quantitative work among social scientists, so the exposure to other social scientists using quantitative approaches is good for our doctoral trainees.”

Michel Grignon

Professor of Health Economics in the Department of Health, Aging and Society at McMaster University


Circular head shot of Michael Grignon, a CAnD3 team member from McMaster University


Next Steps

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Population Analytics in an Aging Society Training

Our training program fosters exchange and experiential learning through substantive and skills training areas and internships.

About our Fellows

CAnD3 is thrilled to introduce our 2023-24 cohort of Population Analytics in an Aging Society Fellows.

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