Our Goal 

CAnD3 seeks to collaboratively develop, implement, and deliver an innovative training program, Population Analytics in an Aging Society, to equip the next generation of academic and applied population researchers with the knowledge, skills, and networks to support data-driven decision-making in aging societies.

CAnD3 Co-Construction Approach

CAnD3 adopts an integrated, interdisciplinary approach to co-construct, co-fund, and co-implement an innovative program for tackling population aging using powerful analytics.


We face a bottleneck in data-driven decision making: 65 per cent of employers report a skills shortage in data analytics. But data science is in such hot demand that only the highest bidders can afford those insights. CAnD3 will prepare the next generation of and upskill current population researchers to work in academia, government, policy think tanks, non-profit organizations and private sector companies.


CAnD3 lives by the motto ‘Strength in numbers’. The training program is supported by and co-constructed with 32 partners from academic, public, not-for-profit, and private sectors from across Canada, the U.S, the U.K. and Germany. In addition to the substantive and skills training and experiential learning the program offers, the networks that CAnD3 will facilitate will be the true key to the sustainability of this partnership.

Creative Solutions

Myriad decisions are being made in all sectors of society and particularly government, that affect millions of us. We must accelerate exchanges between academia and decision-makers so that these decisions are routinely informed by scientific evidence, in order to drive innovation in support of aging populations.


Director's Message

We are at a time of momentous demographic change. Learn about what CAnD3 offers in navigating through this shift.  

Our Partners 

CAnD3 mobilizes a broad range of partners across Canada and the world, from various sectors and disciplines.


Our governance structure is designed to enable a collaborative partnership that offers a dynamic, nimble training program. 


CAnD3 has a number of academic and job opportunities throughout the year. Learn about past and current opportunities.

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