The 2022-23 CAnD3 Annual Report is here!

Our goal is to co-develop and implement a pan-Canadian and international training program in population analytics to support decision-making across aging-related topics.

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$2.5M SSHRC Partnership Grant
$4.1M Matching Partner contributions


32 Co-Applicants
13 Collaborators
51+ Other participants

From award-winning teachers and innovators, our leading-edge researchers and partners in population research, population aging, population data science, and digital and computational demography are co-designing, co-funding, and co-implementing the training program, Population Analytics in an Aging Society.

Axes in Population Aging

Family & Social Inclusion

Education, Labour, & Inequality

Migration & Ethnicity

Well-Being & Autonomy

Consortium Objectives

Short Term

Increase non-academic partners' exposure to leading-edge skills and best practices

Increase exchange between academic trainees and non-academic partners

Increase trainees' employability in and out of academia


Co-design, co-deliver, and continuously improve a training program for an aging population 

Promote equity, diversity, and inclusion among all CAnD3 participants



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Diffuse best practices through open-access publishing and create demand for the program

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Address skill shortage in data analytics by equipping researchers with data science skills

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Establish Canada as a leader in training population researchers



The Program
In-person and online 12 months
Substantive learning 61 hours
Skill-based learning 69 hours

Cross-sectoral mentoring 20 hours
Experiential learning 4-16 weeks
Peer-to-peer collaboration 20 hours





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