The 2022-23 CAnD3 Annual Report is here!

CAnD3's mission is to address the needs of an aging population by changing the way we use data. 

The Problem

Momentous Demographic Shift

As adults 65 years and over now outnumber children 14 years and under, more Canadians transition from work to retirement than from school to work. This will require social innovation reaching far beyond health and social care policies for older adults.

Lack of Training as a Bottleneck

A large potential for innovation remains untapped in the data to the decision-making pipeline. 65% of employers report a skill shortage in data analytics. 

Knowledge and Communication

Beyond data science skills, substantive knowledge and the capacity to communicate results meaningfully to a wide range of stakeholders are essential to support data-driven decision-making.



The Solution

The Consortium on Analytics for Data-Driven Decision-Making (CAnD3)

Population Analytics in an Aging Society

A training program that is international and anchored in interdisciplinary and intersectoral exchange

Evidence-Informed Decision-Making

A leading-edge suite of data science, policy, and knowledge mobilization skills to complement formal training in population research

Partner Participation and Program Design

Nimble and adaptive program structure responsive to partner needs

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