The CAnD3 Annual Report is here!

Training Overview

Interested in applying your graduate studies to make a real-world impact?

Learn more about our interdisciplinary program and check back here for when the 2023-24 CAnD3 Fellow applications open! Enrollment for the 2022-23 year is closed.  

12 months

online training


fellowship award

160+ hours

experiential learning

Fellows will receive an award of CA$5,000 for their participation and get privileged access to competitive remunerated experiential opportunities with partners in the private, non-profit and government sectors.


A Training Program that Sets You Apart

Skillset Enhancement

Gain a leading-edge suite of data science and policy mobilization skills to enhance your employability

Connect with Experts

Learn from leading Canadian and international researchers and professionals 

Interdisciplinary and Intersectoral

Experience a robust program, integrated with skills, substantive, and experiential training opportunities 


More About the Program

Application Guide

View the CAnD3 Fellow profile and application requirements. 

Experiential Learning

Learn about internship opportunities open to CAnD3 Fellows. 

Population Analytics Training

Our training program fosters learning through substantive and skills training areas and internships.

Meet the 2021-22 Fellow Cohort

Learn about our second international and multidisciplinary Fellow Cohort. 

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