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Fellow Daniel Tingskou Wins 2021 Jack Boan Student Essay Competition

Published: 24 June 2021

2020-21 CAnD3 fellow Daniel Tingskou' s winning submission to the 2021 Jack Boan Student Essay Competition explores the effects of a 2005 Ontario tax policy on the interprovincial migration of physicians in Canada. His research finds that following the new tax policy, which allowed physicians to split income from privately-owned physician corporations with their family members, migration of physicians to Ontario increased. At the same time, migration to Nova Scotia decreased, threatening the accessibility of health care services in the province. 

Daniel Tingskou is a PhD student in the Department of Economics at McMaster University. His research interests include the economic consequences of societal aging, particularly how this relates to economic growth in developed economies, and the economic integration of new immigrants into Canada. 

Read his full paper "Income Splitting, Interprovincial Physician Migration in Canada, and Health Care Accessibility"

More about Daniel:

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