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Student Affairs Advising (Fall 2020)

Due to the current closure of the campus, I am not available for in-person advising. If you would like to schedule an advising session with me, please click here or you can email christine.laberge [at] (Christine Laberge) including your McGill ID number.
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Here is an what your class schedule might look like as an U1:

FAll   Winter  
Course Credits Course Credits
BIOL 200 (Required) 3 BIOC 212 (Required)


CHEM 204 (Required) 3 BIOC 220 (Required) 3
CHEM 212 (Required) 4 BIOL 202 (Required) 3
PHGY 209 (Complementary) 3 CHEM 222 (Required)


* Elective 3 PHGY 210 (Complementary) 3

*Can take U2 Complementary Course

(Please remember that this schedule can be revised before the ADD/DROP period)

For any questions concerning your undergraduate studies in Biochemistry, you are invited to email christine.laberge [at] (Christine Laberge) including your McGill ID number.

Advising Drop-In Hours will return once in-person appointments are allowed.


General Important Information:                                                                                     

  • Once registration is open: If you need permission to register for a course that is outside of the BIOC program, you must contact the department where the course is given.
  • If you are an BIOC student and wish to register for a BIOC course within the required course list and they are full, I encourage you to please email undergrad.biochem [at] (Briana Blair), including your McGill ID number.
  • Passing Grade: All REQUIRED and COMPLEMENTARY courses listed in your program must be passed with a “C” or better. “D” is a failure. If you receive a grade of “D”, this can be considered as one of your electives and then you can choose another complementary course from the list.
  • Complementary Courses: are REQUIRED courses for your program, they are not elective courses.
  • S/U Option: You may choose to have a final grades of S (satisfactory) or U (unsatisfactory) for one of your elective courses. This option cannot be used for required courses, including complementary courses. The decision to have an elective courses graded as S/U must be made before the end of ADD/DROP.
  • Failed a REQUIRED course? You have two options:
    • Apply to write a supplemental exam or

    • Repeat the course

  • If you fail a COMPLEMENTARY course or receive a final grade of “D” you have three options:
    • Apply to write a supplemental exam or
    • Repeat the course or
    • Since a D is a pass for an elective , you can choose another course from the list.
  • SICK during a midterm or final exam-What should you do? If you miss a midterm exam due to illness, you must bring your doctor’s note to the office, Room 905 (within the 2 week period of the midterm date). If you miss a final exam due to illness, then you apply on Minerva to write a deferred exam.
  • Thinking Ahead: which courses should I take in order to leave the option of Medical School open? Students who wish to leave the option of applying to medical school open should be aware that they can choose to complete any of the Science Majors (not only the biological or life sciences ones). Most medical schools look for a diverse applicant pool, and all of the Science programs provide ample room to include medical school prerequisite courses (see
  • Familiarize yourself with University Regulations and Resources

Designation U0, U1, U1, U3

  • U0: first year of study by four-year students (120 credits, including a freshman year)
  • U1: second year of study
  • U2: third year of study
  • U3: fourth year of study

Quebec students who enter from CEGEP begin their studies in the U1 year and progress to U2 and U3 (90 credits).



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