Biochemistry Undergraduate Society

BUGS is a student-run organization that represents McGill's biochemistry undergraduate population. BUGS organizes a variety of social and academic events for biochemistry students and the general student body throughout the year.

BUGS also publishes course reviews and gets people together for Note Taking Clubs.

Visit BUGS at

BUGS 2021-2022 Council Members :

Michael Bellucci


bugs.president [at]

Jessica Staicu

VP External

bugs.external [at]

Anthony Mota-Sydor

VP Internal

bugs.internal [at]

Emma Beadle

VP Finance [at]

Meghan MacLaren

VP Communications

comm.bugs [at]

Mavis Lee

VP Social [at]

Farah Ali

Director of Charity and Fundraising [at]

Yi Fei Tao

Director of Academic Affairs

bugs.daa [at]

Phillipe Hutton

Director of Student Affairs

bugs.dosa [at]

Tiffany Lin

IHI Representative

bugs.ihi [at]

Daniel Bühler

U3 Representative

bugs.u3 [at]

Aamir Wahhab

U3 Representative

bugs.u3 [at]

Diana McCorquodale

U2 Representative

bugs.u2 [at]

Vandana Nathan

U2 Representative

bugs.u2 [at]


U1 Representative



U1 Representative


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