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  • Professional Development Fund Guidelines for McGill's Professional Development Fund for Eligible Academics (done through Minerva - instructions in this link).

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Undergraduate Students in Biochemistry

Graduate Students in Biochemistry

Note: The same form is used for the Senior Seminar Approval. Please just indicate Comprehensive Exam Report when meeting with your RAC members prior to the Senior Seminar. RAC approval is required for presentation of the Senior Seminar. This form must be submitted to Christine Laberge, Student Affairs Officer by the due date of your outline.


  • Visit the GPS site for all Forms related to thesis submission. These include the forms for Nomination of Examiners, Thesis Submission, National Library of Canada and McGill Library waivers, UMI Abstract, as well as the Thesis Submission Checklist and the Dean's of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies Exit Survey.




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