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Full-time MSc-Thesis and PhD graduate students in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences will receive funding to support for their living expenses, tuition and fees. A student’s funding may come from a combination of sources including, but not limited to, the supervisor’s research funds, Graduate Excellence Funds, Differential Fee Waivers, and scholarships awarded to the student. Travel and presentation awards do not contribute to the minimum funding package. Funding will be provided to students for a minimum of two years for MSc-Thesis programs and for five years for PhD programs. Shorter periods of funding support are acceptable if the final thesis is submitted prior to the end of these time limits. Students must demonstrate adequate progress and meet required program milestones. Minimum funding levels are outlined below.

The minimum annual stipend for the 2022-2023 academic year for M.Sc. and Ph.D. students* is: $20,000 Base Living Allowance + Tuition and Student Fees

This is a prerequisite for acceptance into the MSc and PhD programs in the Department of Biochemistry. The Department does not accept self-funded students.

2022-2023 MSc Student Minimum Funding
Living Allowance 20,000 20,000 20,000 20,000 20,000 20,000
Tuition* 2,797 3,091 8,730 6,058 19,155 11,270
Fees * 1,619 1,513 1,619 1,513 1,619 1,513
Insurance 575 575 575 575 1,199 1,199
Minimum total funding 24,991 25,179 30,924 28,146 41,972 33,982
Tuition Support from Biochemistry Department 0 188 5,933 3,155 16,981 8,991
Supervisor Stipend Amount 24,991 24,991 24,991 24,991 24,991 24,991
2022-2023 PhD Student Minimum Funding
  PhD 1-4 CDN PhD 5-7 CDN PhD 1-4 INTL PhD 5-7 INTL
Living Allowance 20,000 20,000 20,000 20,000
Tuition* 2,797 2,539 17,193 2,539
Fees * 1,619 1,135 1,619 1,135
Insurance 575 575 1,199 1199
Minimum total funding 24,991 24,249 40,011 24,873
Tuition Support from Biochemistry Department 0 0 15,020 0
Supervisor Stipend Amount 24,991 24,249 24,991 24,873

QC = Quebec; OOP = out of province Canadians/Permanent Residents, INTL = international; CDN = Canadians/ Permanent Residents

* Tuition, fees and insurance calculated as per McGill’s fee calculator and expected to increase by 2-4% annually. MSc2 tuition calculated based on a September 2021 start date (i.e. 1 residency term and 2 additional session terms (Winter and Summer). PhD tuition and fees calculated based on a September start date. For students with January start dates, their fee schedule in PhD5 will be a hybrid of PhD4/PhD5.

For additional information about internal funding available through the University, students can also consult the Graduate Fellowships and Awards calendar.


Top-Up Policy

Students in all programs are strongly encouraged to apply for external scholarships for which they are eligible. It is expected the scholarship will contribute to the student’s funding AND that the student’s funding will be increased above the minimum funding in recognition of the award.

Awards <$35,000: All recipients of internal or external awards are to be provided a supplement to the total funding package that is not less than 10% the value of their award.

Awards >$35,001: A minimum 10% supplement to the funding package is at the discretion of the supervisor/program. Out-of-province and international tuition/fee/insurance differentials should continue to be provided.



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