Welcome to New Students

The General Office of Biochemistry is in the McIntyre Building, 3655 Promenade Sir William Osler, Room 905. Christine Laberge, the Students Affairs Officer (SAO) is responsible for advising graduate students and you can find her office in Room 905B. Contact: Christine Laberge, or you can book an virtual/in-person appointment with me by sending me an email.

New Students

Welcome to the Department! Upon arrival, the following steps will help you get started:

  • Meet with your supervisor to establish your project and sign the Letter Of Understanding (LOU) together. Please download the LOU and fill it out with your supervisor, then upload to MyProgress.
  • For any general directions and advice please contact christine.laberge [at] mcgill.ca (Christine Laberge).


  • Direct Deposit (to be done on Minerva)
  • If you will receive an internal scholarship, provide copies of the Letter of Award to Ms. Laberge, and contact the awarding department to initiate the appropriate paperwork.
  • Once you confirm your acceptance to McGill, you will be assigned a McGill email address in the format of firstname.lastname [at] mail.mcgill.ca. Although notification may have been sent to the email address which you provided on your application, you must check your McGill email regularly as all official correspondence is sent to your McGill email address.

    1. To view your McGill Email Addresses: Log in to Minerva, using the onscreen instructions. Select the Personal Menu > Email Addresses option to display your McGill email address(es).

    2. To access McGill email: Using your McGill Username and McGill Password to log on, you can access your McGill email any of the following ways:

  • 3. For more information, you may refer to McGill University’s email policy and IT Knowledgebase

    • How to get your McGill ID card
    • When you have your ID card, request access to the facilities where you will be working through the web form for Building Access  (covers McIntyre, Bellini and Goodman).
    • Attend the Orientation Session. The date will be posted on the Biochemistry web site and announced by email.

Fees & Residency

All students must register and pay fees annually up to and including the term in which they expect to graduate. Outstanding fees must be paid before graduation.  If a thesis is submitted before completion of the residency period, fees must be paid for the terms of residency remaining in program.

  • The residency requirement is the minimum time which students must be registered in the program. The actual time needed to complete the degree is expected to be longer.
  • The MSc programs have a residency requirement of three semesters.
  • PhD students starting at year 2 (entering after an MSc, or promoting from the MSc program) have a residency requirement of two years.
  • PhD students starting at year 1 (entering after a BSc) have a residency requirement of three years.
  • All students pay full-time fees during the residency. PhD students pay full-time fees for one year after residency. MSc and PhD students then pay additional session fees for the remainder of the program.
  • The fee table pre-calculated per year shows total fees.
  • See Funding/Awards for information stipends and funding opportunities.


  • New Students: students starting in September will receive registration information during the summer.  Those starting in January will receive registration information in early December.
  • Returning Students: registration information will be sent in April (for September starts) or September (for January starts).
  • The information will include registration procedures, deadlines and any outstanding courses.


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