Stipend Policy

It is the rule of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences that every graduate student must be paid an adequate stipend. This is a prerequisite for acceptance into the M.Sc. and Ph.D. programs in the Department of Biochemistry. Students must be finally supported by either a) their supervisor, b) through studentships or fellowships, or c) a foreign government body who awards a scholarship for study abroad. The Department does not accept self-funded students.

The Department of Biochemistry follows the amounts set by the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences Stipend Policy, which can be found on their website.

The minimum annual stipend for the 2023-2024 academic year for M.Sc. and Ph.D. students* is:

$21,183 Base Living Allowance + Tuition + Student Fees + Insurance.

Minimum Stipend Policy for M.Sc. Students the Department of Biochemistry
Base - Living Allowance $21,183 $21,183 $21,183 $21,183 $21,183 $21,183
Tuition/Fees/Insurance* 5,206 5,401 11,317 8,456 22,563 14,334
Total Required 26,389 26,584 32,500 29,639 43,746 35,517
Tuition Support from Department** 0 0 6,111 3,250 15,000 8,000
Supervisor Contribution $26,389 $26,584 $26,389 $26,389 $28,746 $27,517
Minimum Stipend Policy for Ph.D. Students the Department of Biochemistry
  PhD1-4 CDN PhD5-7 CDN PhD1-4 INTL PhD5-7 INTL
Base - Living Allowance $21,183 $21,183 $21,183 $21,183
Tuition/Fees/Insurance* 5,206 4,442 20,543 4,952
Total Required 26,389 25,625 41,726 26,135
Tuition Support from Department** 0 0 13,000 0
Supervisor Contribution $26,389 $25,625 $28,726 $26,135

QC = Quebec; OOP = out of province Canadians/Permanent Residents, INTL = international; CDN = Canadians/ Permanent Residents

*Fee Calculator - Graduate Tuition & Fees have been updated May, 2023.

**Tuition Fee Supplement:

In an effort to assist and alleviate the burden of the high International Tuition Fees, the Department of Biochemistry offers a Tuition Support to eligible International M.Sc. and Ph.D. students and Out-of-Province M.Sc. students. Tuition support is for programs in which students receive a stipend from their supervisor, and is only given in the first 3 terms of the MSc, and up until end of PhD4. 

The tuition supplement from the Department will be deposited directly into the student's fee account - half at the start of fall term, and half at the start of winter term. The remainder of the student's tuition will be covered by the supervisor. Students should receive the supervisor contribution rolled into their regular stipend payments.

Please see Funding & Awards: Internal Awards for further information on the Tuition Fee Supplement.

Tuition Fee Information can be found on the Graduate Tuition Fee Calculator

Additional Information

Prospective students are urged to make every effort to secure their own funding. All recipients of internal or external awards are to be provided a supplement to the total funding package.

For additional information about graduate student funding opportunities, students can also consult the Graduate Fellowships and Awards calendar.


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