How to Apply


Please read about the minimum requirements for our Master's (thesis) Program before applying. If you have questions please contact us at info.bbme [at] (info.bbme at

Identifying potential supervisors

Applicants to the thesis Master’s program who meet all of the academic requirements must also be accepted by a research supervisor before they are accepted as a student into the program.

Laboratory space and research funding limitations restrict the number of students in the program. As a result, well qualified applicants may not be accepted because they fail to find a supervisor. Supervisors are provided with access to the application dossiers of all potential students. Though one may apply to the program prior to contacting a potential supervisor, chances of finding a supervisor improve if applicants:

  • are specific about the area(s) of research they are interested in pursuing in their application form
  • identify several preferred supervisors in their application form (irrespective of having contacted a supervisor or awaiting a reply from them)
  • contact potential supervisors prior to the application process to determine if there are openings available and projects of mutual interest

When agreeing to supervise a potential student, the supervisor will specify to the applicant the amount and duration of the financial support to be offered during studies.

Information about potential supervisors and their areas of research can be found on our faculty page.

See also the McGill page on helpful advice on choosing a supervisor. If you have questions, please contact info.bbme [at] (info.bbme at

Deadline dates for applications

Below are the application deadline dates for Winter and Fall 2024.

NOTE: No Summer admissions

  For Winter term For Fall term
International August 1

January 15

Canadian citizen or Permanent Resident November 1 February 1

Applicants who wish to be considered for recruitment fellowships should apply well ahead of the admissions deadline. Policies and deadlines for recruitment fellowships can be found at:

Application steps

  1. Gather the following for your application:
    • Your transcript(s) (no need for official transcript(s) at this stage)
    • Contact information of two referees who will write letters of recommendation (McGill will contact these referees and invite them to upload references on your behalf.)
    • For non-Canadian, non-English speakers: an official TOEFL or IELTS score (See language requirements for our Master's and Doctoral programs, as well as further details about English language proficiency and submitting test scores.)
    • A résumé or curriculum vitae
    • A personal statement
    • Note: GRE is NOT required
  2. Apply on-line via the following link: (opens in new window).
  3. If you have established a contact with a potential supervisor, notify them about the completed application.

After applying

  1. After submitting your application you may still log in to update information.
  2. Regularly log in to check the status of your application and see whether you have been offered admission.
  3. If you are offered admission, confirm your acceptance.

After accepting admission

  1. Congratulations! You are now a student of the BBME program.
  2. For thesis students: Notify your supervisor that you accepted the offer of admission.
  3. Gather your official transcript(s) and proof of graduation as you will need to forward these to the University as described in your letter of acceptance.
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