Arts Internship Spotlight

Internship Spotlight: Deana Korsunsky

27 Jan 2021

My name is Deana Korsunsky and I am a fourth year, studying English Cultural Studies. I chose this program because I love to read and analyze literature, as well as study film and other media. I am...

Internship Spotlight: Nathan Collett

27 Jan 2021

My internship with The Decision Lab has been a rich and informative summer experience. I am about to begin my third year in the Cognitive Science program at McGill. I first approached the program...

Internship Spotlight: Juliette Croce

27 Jan 2021

I am a rising U3 McGill University student pursuing a joint honours degree in Philosophy and Political Science. I am particularly interested in feminist and continental philosophy and will be...

Internship Spotlight: Sajneet Mangat

27 Jan 2021

I am a third year Joint Honours student studying History and Political Science. My academic interests are histories of South Asia, health policy and law, and violence.

Internship Spotlight: Alena Russell

27 Jan 2021

By the end of my first year at McGill University, during which I was introduced to Art History, the subject went from an interesting elective to my major. Entering my third year in the program, my...

Internship Spotlight: Francesca Mercurio

11 Jan 2021

This summer I had the pleasure to intern for the Women’s Art Association of Canada (WAAC), a not-for-profit charitable art organization based in Toronto, Canada. This was a very exciting experience...

Internship Spotlight: Zachary Couture

11 Jan 2021

My name is Zachary Couture and I entered my third year U2 at McGill university during the fall of 2020. I am from Edmonton, Alberta, and I am passionate about theatre, arts, human rights, politics...

Internship Spotlight: Amelia Murphy

5 Jan 2021

I am a student from the Faculty of Arts and Science, majoring in Sustainability, Science, and Society, with a minor in Anthropology. I am particularly interested in environmental legislation and...


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