Arts Internship Spotlight

Internship Spotlight: Audrey Gray

1 Feb 2021

In the upcoming semester, I will be a U3 student going into my fourth year at McGill University in the faculty of Arts, majoring in both History and Anthropology. Within my academic field, I am...

Internship Spotlight: Oscar Chisholm

1 Feb 2021

My name is Oscar Chisholm and I am an Anthropology Major at McGill, with the aspiration of one day working in the field of Archaeology. In the past, I have been fortunate enough to do...

Internship Spotlight: Allison McCook

1 Feb 2021

My name is Allison McCook and I interned this summer at the Institute for Human Development and Well-being (IHDW) at McGill University, namely on the More than Words (MTW) project. I am a final...

Internship Spotlight: Madeleine Balliette

1 Feb 2021

My name is Madeleine Balliette, I am entering into my third year in honours anthropology with a minor in art history. I am from Austin, Texas originally, and moved to Montreal in 2018 to start my...

Internship Spotlight: Lucy Mackinnon

1 Feb 2021

I am going into my fourth year of Honours International Development, with a focus on Economic Development and a minor in Anthropology. This year I have gained a newfound interest in business and...

Internship Spotlight: Leina Gabra

1 Feb 2021

My name is Leina Gabra and I am entering my fourth and final year at McGill University. I am pursuing a Joint Honours Bachelor of Arts degree. This summer I completed an internship with Leda Health...

Internship Spotlight: Eliza Yadav

1 Feb 2021

I will be entering my fourth and final year at McGill in Fall 2020. My major is International Development in the Faculty of Arts with a minor in Global Health and another in Social Entrepreneurship...

Internship Spotlight: Hannah Dodd

1 Feb 2021

My name is Hannah Dodd and I am a fourth-year student athlete from Vancouver, BC. I am majoring in Sustainability, Science, and Society, with a minor in Cell and Molecular Biology. I play on the...


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