Arts Internship Spotlight

Internship Spotlight: Michelle Marcus

8 Sep 2021

My name is Michelle Marcus, and I am beginning my third year (U2) at McGill University this upcoming fall. As a Political Science major, and Communications Studies minor, I am particularly invested...

Internship Spotlight: Sarah Ford

8 Sep 2021

As a U3 student majoring in English: Cultural Studies, and double minoring in Art History and Communications, I wanted to secure an internship that would align with my interest in media and film. I...

Internship Spotlight: Erick Pelayo Aubert

8 Sep 2021

Looking back to what I have been able to achieve in my last four years at McGill, I could not be happier about wrapping it all up with an internship at the United States Consulate General. After...

Internship Spotlight: Alice Ishimwe

8 Sep 2021

This summer, my internship was with Pulso ng Bayan, a community-based project that is gathering stories of migration of Filipinos who settled in Montreal over the course of 30 years (1992 – 2022)....

Internship Spotlight: Hussain Awan

8 Sep 2021

I am entering my final year as an undergraduate student in World Islamic and Middle East Studies at McGill. I wanted to do this internship because of my interest in Middle East studies, and in...

Internship Spotlight: Holly Wethey

8 Sep 2021

I would like to thank Mr. John Wasileski for his generous support in funding the award that allowed me to complete my internship at The Adirondack Review. I learned many new skills during my...

Internship Spotlight: Brandon Kaufman

8 Sep 2021

My name is Brandon Kaufman and I am currently completing my Joint Honours degree in English (Cultural Studies) and History. My academic interests lie in film history and theory; my tentative thesis...

Internship Spotlight: Claire Berthelot

8 Sep 2021

I am incredibly grateful for having received the Schull Yang International Experience Award. This summer I was able to work at United Way in North Carolina with a team of individuals dedicated to...

Internship Spotlight: Ananya Luthra

8 Sep 2021

I started my journey at McGill University, Montreal in Fall 2020 as a Bachelor of Arts freshman student. Since day one I was clear I wanted to study Computer Science and Economics as my majors in...


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