Arts Internship Spotlight

Internship Spotlight: Hannah Dodd

1 Feb 2021

My name is Hannah Dodd and I am a fourth-year student athlete from Vancouver, BC. I am majoring in Sustainability, Science, and Society, with a minor in Cell and Molecular Biology. I play on the...

Internship Spotlight: Melody Hsu

1 Feb 2021

My name is Melody Hsu and I am entering into my second year of undergraduate studies at McGill University. I am double majoring in Art History and International Development Studies with a minor in...

Internship Spotlight: Disha Garg

1 Feb 2021

I am an English Literature major going into my third year, minoring in Psychology and Marketing. My main areas of interest lie in literature and writing. While writing is my tool of expression,...

Internship Spotlight: Jacob Tarasofsky

1 Feb 2021

I am an Environment and Development student with a Social Entrepreneurship minor who is passionate about the renewable energy space and very interested in exploring the role of the private sector...

Internship Spotlight: Manya Srivastava

1 Feb 2021

As an Economics major with a keen eye for business and marketing, this internship was the perfect role for me. My passion for finance and all things related to money, banking and Fintech has only...

Internship Spotlight: Marie-Nicole Discepola

27 Jan 2021

I am going into my last year of undergraduate studies at McGill University. I am completing a double major in Art History and Psychology. As an Art History student, I have had the opportunity to...

Internship Spotlight: Denbeigh Whitmarsh

27 Jan 2021

My name is Denbeigh Whitmarsh and I am entering my fourth year in an honours program at McGill University in the Department of French Literature, Translation, and Creation (DLTC), minoring in...

Internship Spotlight: Emma Massucci—Templier

27 Jan 2021

As an undergraduate student double majoring in political science and economics, I have always been attracted to the world of finances and investments. While I have had some professional...

Internship Spotlight: Beatrice Mora

27 Jan 2021

My name is Beatrice and I am currently in my last year at McGill’s Economics and Honors Political Science programs. As I was looking for internships this summer, my goal was to find something...


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