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April - Parkinson’s Disease Awareness Month 


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Using patients’ own cells to accelerate research into neurological disease

$1 M gift from Mr. J. Sebastian van Berkom launches translational research into neurological disease

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Brenda Milner among MNI scientists honored at Bravo. Pictured here with Chancellor Michael Meighen and Principal and Vice-Chancellor Suzanne Fortier.

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Image credit: Owen Egan

The Neuro News is a monthly newsletter highlighting activities at the Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital.

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MNI scientists discover a new mechanism driving spread of cancer

Video - watch how Rab13 is activated at the leading edge of migrating cells

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Image credit: Journal of Cell Biology

Run, walk or roll to support The Neuro!

On Sunday, April 26, 2015, The Neuro will participate in the Scotiabank Charity Challenge!

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Revolutionary new probe zooms in on cancer cells

Developed at The Neuro and Polytechnique Montréal, the technology improves tumour surgeries and extends survival times for brain cancer patients.

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Smoking thins the cortex

A study by an international team including the Montreal Neurological Institute, shows new evidence that long-term smoking causes thinning of the brain’s cortex.

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Image Credit: Molecular Psychiatry, S Karama, IJ Deary et al.

30 years of Neuroimaging

at the MNI's McConnell Brain Imaging Centre

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The Neuro

Same quality care, same location.

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MNI scientists finding a new test for concussions in children

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March 26 was the World Day for Epilepsy Awareness


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The Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital – The Neuro, is a world-leading destination for brain research and advanced patient care. Since its founding in 1934 by renowned neurosurgeon Dr. Wilder Penfield, The Neuro has grown to be the largest specialized neuroscience research and clinical centre in Canada, and one of the largest in the world. The seamless integration of research, patient care, and training of the world’s top minds make The Neuro uniquely positioned to have a significant impact on the understanding and treatment of nervous system disorders.