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Dr. Audrey Dangoumau winner of the Tony Proudfoot Fellowship

The Tony Proudfoot Training Fellowship supports promising young scientists at the master’s, doctoral and post-doctoral level who wish to undertake research projects that specifically focus on ALS.

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The Neuro receives support from Montreal-based Vigilant Global for the development of first chemical brain atlas

The MNI announced  today  a significant donation from Montreal-based technology firm Vigilant Global that will enable the development of the world’s first chemical brain atlas. 

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Learning a Second Language May Depend on How your Brain Talks to Itself

Researchers at the Montreal Neurological Institute explore why learning a second language is easier for some people

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Personality of the Year 2015

Dr. Kevin Petrecca and his colleague Dr. Frederic Leblond (Polytechnique Montréal) were named personality of the year 2015 in the science category by the Montréal newspaper La Presse.

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There’s More Than Meets the Eye When Making Choices

If you’re pondering whether to buy a Galaxy smartphone or an iPhone this holiday season, a part of the brain might ultimately determine your choice. 

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First language wires brain for later language-learning

Research from Denise Klein's lab and colleagues demonstrates brain's plasticity and ability to adapt to new language environments

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MNI researchers create a new tool designed to be shared with scientists world-wide to accelerate research.

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Less than 2 weeks into the student-led campaign to raise funds to provide welcome kits to patients at The Neuro, the group has exceeded their first milestone of $1,000 which is 30% of their total goal! Help them continue to spread the word about this project! Every dollar raised goes 100% to helping patients at The Neuro!

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The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge One Year Later

Scientists and Clinicians at The Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital receive funding for ALS research

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Parkinson's disease: a new tool for health care professionals aims to improve diagnosis and advance treatment

Dr. Ron Postuma and colleagues at the International Parkinson and Movement Disorder Society published new guidelines for early diagnosis of Parkinson's disease. Read More

4500 Days of Beaming at the BIC's Cyclotron Unit

November 12 marked the 4500th day of faithful beaming in our IBA Cyclotron, Serial Number 000.

Learn more about this pivotal instrument used for producing isotopes for PET and SPECT research at the MNI. 

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The Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital – The Neuro, is a world-leading destination for brain research and advanced patient care. Since its founding in 1934 by renowned neurosurgeon Dr. Wilder Penfield, The Neuro has grown to be the largest specialized neuroscience research and clinical centre in Canada, and one of the largest in the world. The seamless integration of research, patient care, and training of the world’s top minds make The Neuro uniquely positioned to have a significant impact on the understanding and treatment of nervous system disorders.