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Aeronautical Concentration (15 credits)

The Aeronautical Concentration is comprised of five (5) courses.  (Please go to  Courses for the description)

Required Courses (6 credits)

Two of the five are the Required courses from the list below:

MECH-532 Aircraft Performance, Stability and Control
MECH-533 Subsonic Aerodynamics

Complementary Courses (9 credits)

At least one course (3 credits) from the list below:

MECH-535 Turbomachinery
MECH-536 Aircraft Structures

Two courses from the list below (6 credits) or one of the two courses can be replaced from the list above (MECH-535 or MECH-536):



MECH-537 High Speed Aerodynamics
MECH-538 Unsteady Aerodynamics
MECH-539 Computational Aerodynamics

Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer Equipment

MECH-566 Fluid-Structure Interactions

Note: All courses must be passed with a grade of C or greater.

Students should see their Academic Advisor and complete the Request for Course Authorization form to add this concentration.