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Design Concentration (15 credits)

The Design Concentration is comprised of five (5) courses in the area of design, including the completion of an interdisciplinary project. (Please go to Courses for the description)

Required Courses (6 credits)

Two of the five are the Required courses from the list below:

MECH-498 Interdisciplinary Design Project 1
MECH-499 Interdisciplinary Design Project 2

Complementary Courses (9-10 credits)

Three courses from the list below:

ABEN-412 Machinery Systems Engineering
ARCH-515 Sustainable Design
CHEE-453 Process Design
MECH-497 Value Engineering
MECH-526 Manufacturing and the Environment
MECH-528 Product Design
MECH-530 Mechanics of Composite Materials
MECH-541 Kinematic Synthesis
MECH-543 Design with Composite Materials
MECH-554 Microprocessors for Mechanical Systems
MECH-557 Mechatronics Design
MECH-565 Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer Equipment
MECH-576 Computer Graphics and Geometric Modeling
MECH-577 Optimum Design
MECH-579 Multidisciplinary Design Optimization
MECH-593 Design Theory and Methodology

Note: Students should see their Academic Advisor and complete the Request for Course Authorization form to add this concentration.