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Technical Complementary Courses

Mechanical Engineering students must take 3 Technical Complementary courses (9 credits):

Departmental Technical Complementary (6 credits):

Two of the courses (6 credits) must be chosen from the list of Technical Complementary courses within the Department of Mechanical Engineering (MECH), at the 300 level or higher (see Calendar). One of the two courses must be a Design-Intensive Technical Complementary (All the Design-Intensive Technical Complementary courses are 3 credit courses).

Design-Intensive Technical Complementary Courses Section:

MECH 497 Value Engineering
MECH 498 Interdisciplinary Design Project 1
MECH 499 Interdisciplinary Design Project 2
MECH-513 Control Systems
MECH-529 Discrete Manufacturing Systems
MECH-530 Mechanics of Composite Materials
MECH-532 Aircraft Performance, Stability and Control
MECH-535 Turbomachinery and Propulsion
MECH-536 Aircraft Structures
MECH-541 Kinematic Synthesis
MECH-543 Design with Composite Materials
MECH-544 Processing of Composite Materials
MECH 553 Design and Manufacturing of Microdevices
MECH-554 Microprocessors for Mechanical Systems
MECH-557 Mechatronic Design
MECH-563 or CHEE-563 Biofluids and Cardiovascular Mechanics
MECH 565 Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer Equipment
MECH-573 Mechanics of Robotic Systems
MECH-577 Optimum Design
MECH-593 Design Theory and Methodology

Technical Complementary (3 credits):

The third Technical Complementary course (3 credits) must be a 300 level or higher (approved by the Department) in the Faculty of Engineering or an approved course in the Faculty of Science, including the Department of Mathematics.  Please check in the Student Handbook.