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Meal plans

McGill Food and Dining strives to offer loads of choice, and not just at the counter! We know that schedules, appetites and budgets vary widely from client to client, and that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all meal plan. This is why we're currently offering more meal plan options than ever before, ensuring that there truly is a McGill Meal Plan for everyone.

Most students living in McGill residences, with some exceptions, are automatically enrolled in The Mandatory Residential Plan. In this section we describe how this plan works, how to customize the plan to fit your lifestyle by choosing one of three plan levels, how to make the most of your meal plan dollar, and more!

Live off-campus? You should consider purchasing a Voluntary Meal Plan! Whether you spend a lot of time on campus or just a little, give yourself one less thing to worry about by letting us do the cooking. These plans don't just apply to students either! McGill staff and faculty are encouraged to sign up for Voluntary Meal Plans to take advantage of the convenience and savings they offer. 


  • Nutrition: A pre-paid meal plan ensures that you will have access to well balanced, nutritious meals throughout the semester. We offer healthy choices and lighter menu options are always available.
  • Convenience: Our meal plans are linked to your McGill ID, eliminating the need to worry about having cash on hand to purchase food on campus.
  • Variety: There are 21 Food Service locations across both campuses. The food options are as diverse as they are tasty: from Deli to home style cooking, Italian to Stir Fry. There is something to satisfy your every craving!
  • Value: Your dollar goes further with a meal plan! Residential Mandatory Meal plans and the Saver Meal Plan are tax exempt. You save up to 15% on taxes. Some exceptions apply, such as confectionary items and soft drinks as per provincial governmental regulations.
  • Saves Time: Having a meal plan allows students to spend more time on their studies and busy University life!