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Does this plan apply to you?

The Mandatory Residential Meal Plan applies to all students living in the following residences: Carrefour Sherbrooke, Douglas Hall, Gardner Hall, La Citadelle, Molson Hall, McConnell Hall, New Residence Hall, Royal Victoria College, and University Hall. 

  • The Mandatory Meal Plan is designed to support students who are away from home, usually for the first time. 
  • The Plan eliminates the need to shop for, prepare, and clean up after meals, allowing students to focus their time on studying, making friends and becoming a part of the McGill community. 
  • Eating together is also a great way to meet new people. In short, being on the Mandatory Meal Plan helps students have an easier transition into University Life!

That being said, we know that there are some students who would prefer to cook for themselves. However, McGill's dorm and modern dorm style residences weren't built to accommodate cooking on the floors, and doing so could present a danger to you and to your fellow students.

There are apartment style residences that do have kitchen facilities, however, such as Solin Hall or MORE Houses. Students assigned to Solin Hall and MORE will automatically be enrolled in a oneCard meal plan. For more details about these non-traditional residences, please visit the Student Housing website.  

*Important: Students who are on the Mandatory Residential Meal Plan are charged an additional $300 in oneCard dollars. The oneCard is an account that has been added to their McGill ID card. Funds can be used to pay for laundry in residence, to purchase taxable food items on campus, and at select vending machines. For more information, visit the oneCard homepage.

Highlights of the Mandatory Residential Meal Plan

Save on taxes.... Almost 15% savings!

The Mandatory Residential Meal Plans are tax-exempt, saving you almost 15% on taxes on most food item purchased in 21 different locations on both campuses. As specified by Quebec sales tax laws, some confectionary items are not applicable.

You also save money thanks to the fact that there are no bank transaction charges.

Rollover Plan

When your contract expires on April 30, 2016, the remaining balance in your home base account will be automatically transferred to a rollover plan. A combined $50 minimum from both the home base and flex accounts applies.

Complimentary meals

Two complimentary meals are included in the cost of the Mandatory Residential Meal Plans. During "move-in" week-end on August 29th and 30th, 2015, Food and Dining Services will offer all new resident students a complimentary meal in the residential dining halls.

During the academic year, one additional free meal will be offered in the Residential Dining Halls Bishop Mountain Hall, Carrefour Sherbrooke, New Residence Hall, and Victoria College. This meal is served at the annual Holiday Dinner, an upscale event that gives students the opportunity to dress up and enjoy a lovely soiree during the holiday season. These events will be confirmed following consultation with student representatives of the various Residence Dining Halls Food Subcommittees.

All of these special complimentary events are exclusively for resident students enrolled in the Mandatory Meal Plan. You will be asked to eat in your own residence.


 In order to encourage the use of alternatives to take-out containers, and to help reduce the use of paper cups, Food and Dining Services provide every student registered in the Mandatory Meal Plan an Eco-Kit composed of a reusable bag, a reusable SHHS Coffee/Tea Mug and reusable container called the Preserve 2 Go that can be recycled in Ozzi machines or exchanged at the cash for a token.