Translation Guidelines

Even if less than 20% of our audience visits our French website, that doesn't mean we shouldn't serve it properly. Although not inforced , it is strongly advised to work with the Translations Services team since they already have a good understanding of the University.

Translations Services

CER's Translation Services team is composed of five translators. Under a cost-recovery model, the team takes on work from faculties, departments and units across the University. It also stewards the Official McGill Terminology.


  • Respect the Official McGill Terminology.
  • All public-facing content promoting McGill's contributions to Quebec’s society and culture should be translated. That includes news, press releases and certain web pages and social media posts.
  • Official policies should be available both in English and French.
  • All campus related informations should be translated.
  • Undergraduate admission process should be 100% bilingual.
  • Jobs posting have to be translated.
  • Staff internal communications have to be bilingual.
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