La librarie personnelle de François Olivier-Martin

Listening to the Dead with Our Eyes:
François Olivier-Martin’s Library, a Mirror Image of a Legal Historian

Svetlana Kochkina (Liaison Librarian, Nahum Gelber Law Library, McGill University) (2016). Library & Information History, 32(3), 203-218.

François Olivier-Martin
This article reports the results of a study of the private working library of an important French legal historian, François Olivier-Martin (1879–1952). It is demonstrated that a personal research library, being the reflection of the scholarly life, beliefs, and personality of its former owner, can be used as a source of information for historians and biographers. The article describes the process of intellectual reconstruction of the library to its original state, and fills the existing gaps in the biographical information about Olivier-Martin, especially regarding his life and work during the Vichy period.

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