McGill Writing Centre

McGill Writing Centre

Refine your academic writing and communication skills in English with courses offered by the McGill Writing Centre As a student in one of our courses, you'll learn essential strategies and techniques that will help you to communicate effectively both at university and beyond the Roddick Gates.

Academic writing and communication in English courses (formerly CCOM prefix), English as a Second Language courses (formerly ESLN and CESL prefixes), and English for Academic Purposes (formerly EAPR and CEAP prefixes) are offered by the McGill Writing Centre under the WCOM prefix.

For a list of WCOM courses that can be taken for credit in the Faculty of Arts, consult the McGill Writing Centre website: WCOM courses are also on the list of approved courses for the BA Foundation Year Program:

Note: Up to a maximum of 12 credits of English as a Second Language courses, including academic writing courses for non-anglophones (WCOM ESL courses), are open to you if your primary language is not English and you have studied for fewer than five (5) years in an English-language secondary institution. Placement tests are required for all WCOM ESL courses. For more information on WCOM ESL placement tests, see the McGill Writing Centre



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About the McGill Writing Centre

Currently located in the McLennan-Redpath Library, the McGill Writing Centre (MWC) is the University's central resource for written communication. The Centre offers credit courses in academic writing, science communication, creative writing, digital communication, professional communication, and a tutorial service open to McGill students. In addition, the Centre offers a number of non-credit writing courses in business communication and scientific writing open to the public.

McGill Writing Centre Faculty

Yvonne Hung
Academic Staff
Mehdi Babaei; Aaron Bartels-Swindells; Donetta Hines; Kyle Kubler; Ross Sundberg
Programs, Courses and University Regulations—2024-2025 (last updated Mar. 15, 2024) (disclaimer)

WCOM (Written and Oral Communication in English) Courses

WCOM (Written and Oral Communication in English) Courses

Academic Writing

  • WCOM 150: Critical Analysis and Composition
  • WCOM 250: Research Essay and Rhetoric

Academic Skills and Communication - tailored for English Language Learners (placement test required; please see

Creative Writing

  • WCOM 203: Introduction to Creative Writing
  • WCOM 333: Writing Creative Nonfiction

Science Communication

Digital Genres

Business Communication (required for certain SCS certificate programs; other undergraduate students can request permission from the MWC)

  • WCOM 202: Communication in Management 1

Communication for Engineers

  • WCOM 206: Communication in Engineering

Special Topics

  • WCOM 371: Selected Communication Topic 1
  • WCOM 372: Selected Communication Topic 2
Programs, Courses and University Regulations—2024-2025 (last updated Mar. 15, 2024) (disclaimer)
Faculty of Arts—2024-2025 (last updated Mar. 15, 2024) (disclaimer)
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