First-Year Seminars

First-Year Seminars

The Faculty of Arts offers the following First-Year Seminars (FYS). Note that each Seminar in the list below is not necessarily offered each year. Refer to the Class Schedule for the specific offerings each term.

Please see section First-Year Seminar Courses to determine if you qualify to register for an FYS course.

ARTH 199 FYS: Themes in Art History (3 credits)

EAST 199 FYS: East Asian Culture (3 credits)

ENGL 199 FYS: Form and Representation (3 credits)

FREN 198 FYS: Introduction to French and Québec Literature (3 credits)

GERM 197 FYS: Images of Otherness (3 credits)

HISP 199 FYS: Hispanic Literature and Culture (3 credits)

HIST 194 FYS: Jewish Concepts of Others (3 credits)

HIST 195 FYS: Sources of World History (3 credits)

HIST 197 FYS: Race in Latin America (3 credits)

HIST 198 FYS: Nation Building and Nationalism (3 credits)

HIST 199 FYS: History (3 credits)

ISLA 199 FYS: Narrations of the Middle East (3 credits)

ITAL 199 FYS: Italy's Literature in Context (3 credits)

JWST 199 FYS: Images - Jewish Identities (3 credits)

LING 199 First Year Seminar: Language and Mind (3 credits)

LLCU 199 FYS: Literary Animals (3 credits)

PHIL 197 FYS: Right and Wrong (3 credits)

PHIL 198 FYS: Knowledge and Ideas in Early Modern Philosophy (3 credits)

PHIL 199 FYS: Minds, Brain, and Machines (3 credits)

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